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llama 1911 feeding issues

Then check your extractor fit, all the rules of extractor fit apply. The gap means the top round is free to pivot, which is what happens during a nosedive. I replaced the follower and all was good for a few range trips. Id rather have a working gun than good customer service. A llama or alpaca should not be raised as a single baby away from any other camelids. And everything I have seen, including the guns themselves, say that Taurus makes one hell of a budget 1911. That said, I've encountered your exact issue with brand new guns. replace the slide stop pin. Contest open to U.S. residents only. While all may look fine initially, ANSI/SAAMI booklet Z299.3-1993. I fired my Springfield TRP 1911 in 10mm for the first time this weekend. The results should tell you whether or not it's a spring issue. Winners will be notified by certified mail on official letterhead. Roy Huntington, Editor, American Handgunner. The vet said it works like aspirin, but without the long-term effects that Bute has. I really liked the gun up til the point I noticed it was rapidly disassembling itself, badly peening the frame, and wearing a hole in the top of the barrel deep enough to worry me. This was my solution for my wife. the Llama 1911-like 9MM's bore slugs out at .358. much larger than regular 9MM. Nosedive is normal in single column magazines because of how rounds stack. In particular, I was cleaning two of my carry pistols, a Taurus PT-145 Millennium Pro .45 ACPand a Taurus TCP .380. Feed angle is the It still miss-fires about every third round or so. Founded by Frank Galli in 2000, Snipers Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to its users in one location. Associated taxes and fees will be the responsibility of the winner. What will she do if her gun hangs up? The 6 TRP is a slightly odd beast. Prizes will not be awarded if illegal in jurisdiction of winner(s). A cop's how-to guide to protecting your home and neighborhood during riots, civil war, or SHTF. It is absolutely a viable solution that works. (I) Giveaway ends September 30, 2022. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I had one of the smaller framed.22LR. A lighter spring would be worth a try. To protect the privacy and security of winners, names will not be made public. It could need some ramp and throat work but go out shooting with someone that can watch you and see if it is you " limp wresting" the firearm. Winners must respond within 30 days of receiving notification or an alternate winner will be selected. Prizes will not be awarded if illegal in jurisdiction of winner(s). Maybe there are some imperfections due to what-have-you. For many years, it was nothing to go out and shoot a thousand rounds of ammunition for fun. Some go as far as .400 measured in the same way. 5) Mag catch casting is insufficient and or cut poorly to allow magazine not seating up high enough into the slide mag lip cuts. A box of 20 rounds for any common caliber is going to cost you $25 dollars. If you are like me, shooting your firearms is a hobby that has had to take a back seat because of todays economy and political climate. Whatever you buy from them, using those banners, gives us a small commission, which helps us keep these sites alive. Whatever you buy from them, gives us a small commission, which helps us keep these sites alive. I have recently shot several of the micro 380s= SIG and Kimber among them. 1. But, I caution any of you to go sanding and polishing on your firearm unless you. since I already had many hours already invested, I decided to order a ramped barrel. I had no idea he would be considered a senior until a few weeks ago. While Wikipedia has a pretty good write up on the older Llama's, if you want to go REALLY deep down the rabbit hole, check out this site. No substitutions or transfers to a third party are allowed. Cycle of Operations If the round enters the chamber at alleven if just barelyit's a failure to go to or return to battery. The illustration shows the top rounds rim inside the underlying rounds extractor groove Then see that it falls out when the barrel is turned over. The safety catch is crap, it cuts into my thumb. Please let others know they too can trust SurvivalBlog for the most reliable and practical survival information by voting for SurvivalBlog on topprepperwebsites.com. As with all Llama products, Eagle Imports offers a lifetime service contract for the original owner. The Sig may be loaded a little hotter. If you reach the bottom of the problem and your firearm is still not functioning correctly, you should seek the advice of the Manufacturer or an Armorer that is certified by the manufacturer for that model. I bought mine around July last year and had the same issue, after polishing the ramp myself rather than sending the gun back it seems to feed and cycle flawlessly. If it is too long you would probably never know it. I never put anything under 18# in either a 40 or 10mm firing factory (full power) ammo. Llama manufactured moderate-priced revolvers and self-chambering pistols in a bewildering variety of models." They made some interesting 1911 varients in the years between WWI and WWII. I thought putting a 55 gallon drum with a fire in there house would help but i learned quickly that was a dumb idea as the female who is also the boss leaned up against it and burned away alot of her hair, Kudos to you for rescuing 3 elderly llamasnot everyone would do that. I purchased my EMP 4 (.40 cal) 18 months ago, loved the look, feel and incredible accuracy out of the box. What, were not doublling allll Ls now?. What types of grains were you feeding? But why do rounds nosedive? Penn State Extension offers detailed information on the importance of copper in camelid nutrition, identifying health issues due to too little or too much copper in the diet, and ensuring that herds . It now reaches more than 320,000 unique visitors weekly. The full size Llamas use the standard 1911 springs. Similar to the double feed, the quickest way to clear this jam is to strip the magazine, rack the slide to clear the action, slap in a new mag, chamber a round and go. You are using an out of date browser. The Gunsmithing Club of America (GCA) is a private community of individuals who want access to reliable Firearms and Gunsmithing information, and who are willing to share their personal knowledge, experience and joy of working on Guns with other members, as they are guided on their Gunsmithing journey by experienced tradesmen and Gunsmithing instructors. This pistol comes with a rear Mil-Spec serration for quick, easy racking and a lowered ejection port to eliminate hangups. Extractors do need to hold the case on the bolt face but even when they are shaped wrong they will often pass the swing test, as the extractor tension simply holds the case onto the breech face or area of the bolt opposite the extractor. The factors that will help determine the actual cost include things like: Age. I am working on a LLAMA 22 Cal. Measurements from the video determined the rounds feed angle, which is its lowest angle prior to hitting the feed ramp. A. Agent6-3/8 Regular Member. His survivalist novel Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, is a modern classic that reached #3 on the New York Times bestsellers list. Sign up for a new account in our community. The rounds are slightly offset because they lie at an angle. CCI Standard Velocity 22 Box. It's easy! I too thank you for this information. I have a Llama 1911 with external extractor. "Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed" - Albert Einstein. Employees and agents of Publishers Development Corp. are not eligible. The gun hangs up. For more frequent use I would probably sew ties onto the chest and belly. If you intend to buy something from Brownells, please use their banners above. This makes sense to me since it will lower the barrel and therefore the round has a better angle to overcome. Assure the bottom edge of the chamber mouth isn't razor sharp. I ended up doing some research and got a heavier recoil spring and it fixed the issue. This was my last of many, many 1911 type pistols, and one of the few I regret selling. Buy Wilson Combat PAIR 1911 ETM, .45ACP, 10 Round, Full Size # 500-45FS10 ( 2): GunBroker is the largest seller of Pistol Magazines & Pistol Clips Pistol Parts Gun Parts All: 984182031 For a mass production pistol. Sometimes with the lighter weights in .45 it's hard to get the OAL long enough and when the round strips out of the mag, the nose hasn't hit the feed ramp like it would with a longer bullet and there's only . If they are like mine, they already dont want to carry a chambered round in their auto loader. Even with the chamber polished after firing a round the slide does not move at all. The owner told me that the gun was good and sound, but that Llama had gone out of business and not all 1911 parts would fit the Llama, but Stoger was the last importer and a source of parts. 2. Doesn't sound like its a mag related issue. They track more along the lines of the Ballestero - Molina Argentinian pistols in terms of interchangeability. Would you name your Colt Python Monty? When he died the contract was canceled and Llama was supposed to have destroyed the pistol that were then produced..came with 2 serial numbered mags to match the SN on the pistol, Royal Crest. eastexsteve - I did try gripping the gun differently ( very tightly and also loosely) and it still didn't seem to make that much of a difference either way. A 5 throated forged steel barrel provides added durability to this tight and accurate pistol. Dating back to 1904, Llama Firearms has a long celebrated history; however, this isnt the pistol your grandfather knew. Which means that in a shooter situation, they have to pull it out of their purse, chamber a round, and fire. It helped win two World Wars. (III) Giveaway winner(s) chosen by random drawing. The last round from the magazine feeds at the highest angle. All Rights Reserved. As a result, I did something that I hear is very commonand dangerousthese days: I buy the gun, 50 rounds of inexpensive ammo, and 20 rounds of good defense rounds. Your help is appreciated. Factory warranties may apply in some cases. Winners will be notified by certified mail on official letterhead. (Skip this one as you have not milled the slide). Ive been llooking for one ever since I got back into guns a few years ago. Spanish Heritage includes Astra, CETME, and my personal favorite, Star Firearms. Same thing with the Kimpro mag. This past weekend, the rain was beating down outside which caused all of my family outdoors activity to be canceled. The first round out of a fully loaded 1911 magazine nosedives the most and hits lowest on the feed ramp because it has the largest gap. Looks like your first post, so I'll say the important thing first.welcome! I knoweveryone wants fancy ammo. I have had no other problems with the firearm. I didnt try installing the RMR but after about 150 rounds or so I started getting feeding issues wher it would extract fine but not feed the next round in far enough for battery. 2) the extractor has a rough rim pick up radius. You insert the magazine, rack the slide, and it jams. For those who think the pen is mightier than the sword, they simply have never encountered automatic weapons. And then the inertia feeding started happening again, except this time, it happened way more frequently on the last round. Copyright Gunsmithing Club Of America. Should the hook be tighter to the rim? Both are loaded with Hornady Critical Defense for self protection. I have a 1942 made Llama .380, great shooting little gun, looks just like a mini US 1911A1. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The gun was fired in a Ransom Rest and 155 rounds were video recorded. Free Targets and Target Tracker Shooting Logs! While I have owned and built 1911 pistols in various calibers, from .22lr all the way up to .45 SUPER, to me .45 caliber and 1911 just go best together. Working on the magazine and cleaning solved that problem, but after taking it to the range I can only get one shot at a time. A One-Time Donation (You choose the amount): A $5 Dollar bill, a 5 Euro bill, a few Pre-1965 silver dimes, or a booklet of Forever U.S. postage stamps sent in the mail also works! I picked up a few Tisas 1911's here recently and one of them is giving me troubles. Factory warranties may apply in some cases. Deployed military should use stateside address. Industry Announcements and Press Releases, Questions and Suggestions about M1911.ORG sites, Your Opinion about M1911.ORG and its sites, More than one of the above (questions pertaining to more than one brands), US Military Issue M1911 and M1911A1 Pistols, Commercial Colt Government Model, Ace, SM Ace, Super .38 and Commander pistols. The hook point lands halfway up the groove ramp on the cartridge, and there is a gap of .080 between the hook and the case head. Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. The rest are caused by either a weak recoil spring and a lot of times just shooting form by the user, and LAST and only in SOME RARE guns, truly a ramp issue. The same principles should indeed apply; the extractor fit needs to pass the shake test. under top cartridges). The 1911 pistol operates on a controlled feed principal where the cartridge is in contact with at least 4 different surfaces while it is being handled through the feeding cycle. This is a handgun I purchased for less than $500 and outperforms similar weapons Ive paid over $800 for. Letter Re: Stocking Up on 12 Gauge Shotshells, The most common fix that I have seen is that people will massage the feed ramp and related pieces of the gun by light sanding and polishing. Extractors and parts in general are getting harder to come by. Lets explore just why this is. Or Call 1-800-435-4262. I did have marks on the casing itself where the mag tech ammo was catching in the chamber about 1/3 of the way down the casing from the bullet. What kind of magazines have you tried? If this is your first visit, be sure to It was love at first sight, essentially a 2/3 copy of the 1911 except for the blowback action. Going back to our 1911 example, this gun and ball ammunition has killed a lot of people. The Llama with the stock spring was very easy to cycle; his pistol took a lot more brawn to drag the slide back. I recall seeing those guns around in the early 1980s. Just curious how yours is doing at this point? Note the underlying cartridge changes angle. Associated taxes and fees will be the responsibility of the winner. As a result, each round feeds at a different angle. Now. It should. Mail-in entries accepted; send postcards (no envelopes) to: American Handgunner Magazine, GOM Jul/Aug 2023, P.O. I eventually upgraded, though I still hold a soft spot for Llama since it got me into the shooting sports. I coat my llamas often enough that I bought llama coats for them. Box 1926, Escondido, CA 92033. As in, if you put enough man-power into it, it could accept regular 1911 parts? Dont they feed at the same angle as the magazines feed lips? That could be a good reason they are found to be not as accurate. Voluntary Industry Performance Standards for Pressure and Velocity of Centerfire Pistol and Revolver Ammunition for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers. Winners must respond within 30 days of receiving notification or an alternate winner will be selected. Ill take Sorry, well fix that right way! to Tough luck, get bent! any day. No substitutions or transfers to a third party are allowed. Location: Brazos County, Texas. Me to. In either case, you should always shoot until the mag is empty. (I) Giveaway ends March 20, 2022. Please let me know if you have any other questions.Emaly, Thank you so much for an informative blog. It is one of the most popular handguns on the planet. "Remember the first rule of gunfighting'Have a gun.'" Deployed military should use stateside address. You. No matter how many catridges i put in the mag its always the last one. The one in Lott Texas is very skilled and find both Eagle and Metro completely responsive to his need and customer satisfaction. Only shoot ball nose ammunition through the gun. Here are a few things I have learned lately. Its a dangerous proposition that may have a bad ending. Cheap or not, money is a stupid reason to get yourself or a loved one shot, especially if $100 is what you saved. To fix a double feed, first, remove the magazine. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The name makes me think of Monte Python and the Holy Grails opening credits. Well, racking the slide to check for feeding problems isnt exactly exact, so there is only one thing to do to verify whether or not your firearm will feed the self defense rounds: Go fire it. Simply weld up that one and refit it correctly. It may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but obesity can be a big issue in older llamas. Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845. With the included 8-round Act-Mag the 1911 refused to feed hollowpoints. If you start changing a bunch of things it will be harder to figure out what is causing the problem. Obtaining the right balance can be challenging as many types of llama feed and alpaca feed are supplemented with copper and other trace minerals. I have also seen jam problems when using some aftermarket mags that supposedly were made for the specific Llama model. That is VERY common to the Llama auto pistols. At the 500 round mark, I did a trigger job on it to reduce it to 4.5lbs and polished the feedramp. The gun (with the firing pin removed) was held in a vise and was video recorded with a high speed digital camera (1,000 frames per second) as ammunition was stripped from the magazine and chambered. Colt 1991 models are going for about $750 now. c/o P.O. You really have our curiosity up. The first round out of a fully loaded 1911 magazine nosedives the most and hits lowest on the feed ramp because it has the largest gap. If you plan on filling an assailant with half a dozen holes, it really wont matter whether they came from ball or hollow point. have introduced the Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) Protection Act (H.R. To protect the privacy and security of winners, names will not be made public. I remember back in around 2006-2007, I could go to Wal-Mart and buy all the .45 ACP ammo I wanted for $12 a box of 50 rounds. Factory warranties may apply in some cases. (III) Giveaway winner(s) chosen by random drawing. I know many of you are laughing. I'm going to give the gun a really good cleaning, but I also read online it's . 4) Rough/poorly mated feed ramp. (IV) Winners must undergo a background check (if needed) and comply with all other federal, state and local laws. For extreme cold I like the Llama Hardware coats the best. What exactly is a spanish heritage firearm? R. Now, if you only get. Okay. ENDED - $375.00. No purchase necessary. I picked up my Springfield Armory 1911, which has had a good bit of work in massaging the feed ramp and it had zero problems feeding the rounds. With the slide off, remove the barrel and replace it in the frame without the slide, and. I have used coats from Useful Lama Items and Llama Hardware. 1911 style. Its important to understand theres a need to experiment with different magazines to find which combination works best with your particular 1911, or other auto pistol. The 1911 wasn't originally designed to feed hollow points, so it takes some tuning to the feed ramp and barrel to get them to feed reliably. Cartridge drawings are based on My son was given a Llama 22 Lr pistol that is configured much the same as a 1911 style pistol. Why should I buy this over virtually any other .380 (or 9mm) in its category and pricepoint? Are the mags new or old, and if they're older, have you tried fresh springs and checked the feed lip dimensions? I would suggest taking the rmr off and seeing how the three types shoot again. Because of this, some of the pieces dont mate up just perfectly. I have found that just about 90% of 1911 feeding problems are magazine related. It may have chambered rounds a little more completely when I gripped the gun very tightly but not enough for me to think it was somehow linked to the issue. check out the. Factory warranties may apply in some cases. To protect the privacy and security of winners, names will not be made public. The slowest time with the 20 lb spring was 47 ms. No substitutions or transfers to a third party are allowed. This seemed to cure the miss-feeding issue. I would shoot up all that ammo you have, clean gun, try new ammo. Your gun shoots FMJ (hardball) but jams with Hydra-shoks. It would appear that Mike Casselton was right. The mag tech ammo had a ton of FTFs. Llama 1911's are said not to be "true" 1911's in that they aren't parts compatible with "true" 1911's. Is there anyway, using a dremel and a drill press (and other machinery) to remedy this? Some of the FTFs were lined up with the bore and partially in, not at an angle. That gun is/has been perfect for me. I would use a couple different weights in one pound increments. Winners must respond within 30 days of receiving notification or an alternate winner will be selected. The pressure from the magazine spring encourages the top round to tilt upward. Contest open to U.S. residents only. I have had no problems with the Llamas but they do not like anything other than FMJ ammo without some work (feed problems). (II) Limit one entry per household. American National Standard. just about everything you could do without spending any money. Winners will be notified by certified mail on official letterhead. James Wesley, Rawles (JWR) is Founder and Senior Editor of SurvivalBlog, the original prepping /survival blog for when the Schumer Hits The Fan (SHTF). Magazines with 7- and 8-round capacities from Colt, Clark, Kimber, McCormick, Springfield Armory, Tripp and Wilson Combat were used. Period. You pull the gun out, take aim, get a shot off. Dont carry autoloading pistols. The most likely is 1) the extractor is too tight. Raw fiber, roving, yarn, and fiber items for sale. But ball ammo can do nearly as much damage. If there was a nosedive gap, the round nosedived. I had a similar problem with a ramped .45. Since the 1911 frame was essentially built around a cartridge OAL in the 1.260-1.270" range we run into problems with ammo that's shorter. The package contents: -ALL screws,retaining pins and springs -trigger assembly -grip safety assembly -rear sight assembly -recoil spring -recoil spring bushing -recoil spring retaining tube -barrel bushing -plunger assembly -firing pin assembly #8. Ken. If seems a bit too big for .380 for its size it could have been a 9mm easily. Let us not be too particular; it is better to have old secondhand diamonds than none at all. It is easier for them to eat but is still a forage which they can digest easier. I bought a Llama Mini Max 45 ten years ago for $265.00 new in box from Academy sporting goods. oklahoma arrests mugshots, michele steele boston,

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